The ‘Daf’ Ms. Bakhshayesh’s Point of View

The ‘Daf’ Percussion Instrument from Ms. Bakhshayesh’s Point of View

By studying the history of instruments, it becomes evident that the oldest dating instrument can be attributed to percussion instruments whose simplicity in their construction and playing made it easier for people throughout history to discover and learn to play this instrument.The existence of many varieties percussion instruments affirms the importance of rhythm and beat in music making it an integral part of music. Varieties of these types of instruments, in different forms were used across all nations and societies in the world, including those with the most primitive andsimple social structures.With the passage of time and the change in human lifestyles have led to some instruments to fade into oblivion and others to replace them.The traces of various types of these percussion instruments in our civilization may, nowadays only be found in carvings of statues, motifs and drawings of the distant past, as well as in thesurviving poems of ancienttimes.Music in ancient times was not considered as an abstract and pure art, but as a mixed art with that of the art of human life.Prayers, festivals, wars, mourning, and ceremonies took .place along with the tune and flow of music and the ‘daf’ has always been part of this tune with its presence throughout the history of human culture

مهناز بخشایش Sayedeh mahnaz bakhshayesh
Music in ancient times was not an abstract and pure form of art, but rather an art mixed with human art and in the very heart of life. This continues to be so ever since the beginning of time and the ‘daf’ has throughout centuries always been present in this alliance, with its presence dating back to the earliest history of human culture.

There exist signs of the presence of songs and musical instruments from in ancient motifs remnant of ancient civilizations in southern Iran. Ancient Elamite tribes inhabiting this region performed during their religious ceremonies using harps, flutes, and ‘dafs’. Elamite carvings, according to Cole Pharaoh, depict one of the many historical approaches showing priests sacrificing during religious ceremonies, accompanied by musical instruments such as harps and the ‘daf’.

.The ‘daf’ is an instrument whose history dates back the most ancient eras of musical history, and was used extensively in various formats and sizes by many of the ancient civilization