About Rhythmic Music

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Music is an art, which comes from within the inner layers of the human soul, it is also a spiritual need, and like any art can be inspirational.Music is a science which came to Iran from the ancient Greek civilization, and which Aristoteles considered as a branch of mathematics and was accepted by Islamic .philosophersIn addition to scientific rules, feelings and affection also widely contribute to the emergence of music. The word ‘music’ in English is translated to ‘aahang’ in Farsi and the word ‘gha’ naa’ is defined as ‘vocal music’ or singing with music.


Music is a combination of composition, synchronized with melody, notes and rhythm.Ms. Sayedeh Mahnaz Bakhshayesh began performing rhythmic music in 2012, and has considerable and significant experience, which she has acquired in this domain, as well as creative and innovative methods used to educate students of all levels, abilities and skills. Considering the experience obtained from teaching students of all ages through rhythmic music, there are precious results obtained from using this method. It is one of Ms. Sayedeh Mahnaz Bakhshayesh’s aspirations to help music grow in women, upon which she has based her efforts and ideas on. Her numerous efforts have ultimately made rhythmic music a very accessible, comfortable and relaxing environment and method for teaching women