About Sayedeh Mahnaz Bakhshayesh


Thanks to her love and talent in playing the guitar, Sayedeh Mahnaz Bakhshayesh started learning the art of playing this instrument in her teenage years and was able to make significant progress in this area and flourish, receiving numerous awards, many of which are available on the site.

In 2012, Sayedeh Mahnaz Bakhshayesh began tutoring and teaching in schools and institutions in cities such as Isfahan, Mobarakeh, Shahr Kord, Borujerd, Dehaaghaan, Abadeh and many more….Thanks to having acquired significant experience and knowledge teaching students of  various  level, skills, abilities and characteristics of each student, Ms. Sayedeh Mahnaz Bakhshayesh  has developed her own teachings methodsHer work has not been limited to playing the guitar, as in 2016, she began teaching how to play other musical instruments such as the ‘Daf’ frame drum and ‘Kaakhaan’ (cajón) percussion instrument which she continues to teach to many students.